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Week 1 Assignment

Week 1 Assignment

by Ipek Onal -
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Purpose of the week 1 assignment is understanding of features required for critical thinking and quality reasoning and also areas where our thinking weak and strong is. The key question of the heart of the assignment is what does critical thinking require?

b. What is critical thinking?

In general, I can define critical thinking as a responsible thought based on one’s intellectually involvement. Critical thinking is the process of reaching the right judgment that requires the application of the ability to monitor thought by examining information and hypothesis. As well as it is reasonable, self-correcting and flexible. It is not apart from feelings and desires.

c. How is the concept of critical thinking presented in this week’s material different from conceptions of critical thinking you have previously encountered?

Critical thinking is not only good but also fair minded thinking. It is a responsible thinking which requires a good character. Second point which I found different is how thoughts, desires and feelings are related to each other.

d. Right now, I believe my thinking across all domains of my life is of good quality.  I based this judgment on my belief that I carry on well the things depends on my efforts and reasoning.

1.         In the following areas, I think very well:

      a) conducting researches

      b) using car

      c) ethical issues

2.         In the following areas, my thinking is OK, not great, but not terrible either:

      a) life planning for a long term

      b) time management

      c) creative areas

3.         In the following areas, my thinking is probably of low quality:

      a) financial budget and expenditures

      b) dealing with sad feelings in relationships


My profile

My name is Ipek Onal. I completed my  master education in 2014 at Curriculum and Instruction department in Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkey. In July 2012, I got a job as a research assistant in Akdeniz University, Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Currently I am planning to complete my Ph.D. thesis in 2019 in the same department. I am interested in critical thinking and teacher training on the teaching of critical thinking. 

I am not officially teaching bu I assisted my department in undergraduate and graduate courses such as introduction to education, curriculum development, methods of teaching during a semester. 

In the renewed teacher education programs since 2019 in Turkey, the critical thinking course has being an elective course in all departments. I believe teaching of critical thinking  will gain more importance in teacher education so in this regard I want to improve myself in this topic as a future instructor. Altough in Turkey there are many research studies of critical thinking in Turkish literature, but I believe that there are no sufficient studies on the training of teachers and educational applications. For these reasons I want to specialize in this area.

As someone who believes that academic learning is never ending, I believe that development of own critical thinking will also never end. I am at an entry stage of being a critical thinker. I am excited about the contributions of this course to my critical thinking skills also my future intstructional implications at undergraduate teacher training.