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Week 1 Assignment - Theory
by Victoria Rey - Sunday, January 31, 2016, 7:14 PM
Theory: Meaning of Critical Thinking - Critical thinking is the art of analyzing, evaluating ones thinking based on universal intellectual standards and improving it according to the outcomes of this evaluation. In analyzing thinking, a person considers all given information in a situation, problem or question and makes reasonable assumptions, conclusions, solutions or answers. These are based on relevant, accurate and adequate facts or evidence. To determine the soundness of conclusions, solutions or answers, intellectual standards are considered. Self-corrected thinking follows if these do not meet any of these standards. Theory: Critical Thinking Concept: The concept of critical thinking presented in this week’s material is more comprehensive and inclusive than that of critical thinking that I have previously encountered. The discussion on the elements and levels of thought on 2-7 of the Critical Thinking Concepts and Tools, the description of the three main kinds of thinkers on pages 3-6 in The Aspiring Thinker’s Guide to Critical and the detailed explanation of the functions of the mind on pages 3-10 of The Human Mind and the tasks that are assigned give me a broader and enriched picture of critical thinking. My previous concept of critical thinking does not include all levels of thought and universal intellectual standards. Also, it does not fully show an awareness of the characteristics of the fair-minded critical thinker. Furthermore, it does not deliberately and consistently consider the causal relationships among the three functions of the mind: thinking, feeling and wanting. Think for Yourself Activity 1.4 Consider your thinking in personal relationships, in dealing with friends, in relating to romantic partners, in sports, as a reader, as a writer, as a listener to lectures, as an employee, in planning your life, dealing with your emotions, and in figuring out complex situations. 1. Right now, I believe my thinking across all domains of my life is of good quality, I base this judgment on the outcomes of my thinking relating to my health condition; relationships with my husband, children, relatives, friends and people at work; accomplishment of some goals and religious belief or orientation. 2. In the following areas, I think very well: a. Relationship with my husband and children b. Work attitude c. Desire to improve myself 3. In the following areas, my thinking is okay, but not great, but not terrible either. a. Practicing religious faith b. Writing c. Solutions to problems 4. In the following areas, my thinking is probably poor. a. Controlling my diet b. Dealing with unwanted situations c. Facing unexpected situations
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Re: Week 1 Assignment - Theory
by Paul Bankes - Tuesday, February 2, 2016, 5:41 PM

Thanks for the post. As you develop a concept of critical thinking practice putting it into your own words.  The more you use your own words the more indication of you owning the concept.  What you posted is great, captured the definition well...just a suggestion for personal practice.